Weekend Reflections of Key West

Today’s topic at The Daily Post is about whether you believe  that everything happens for a reason. I have always believed that, because, well, it makes the tougher things easier to accept, y’all. And? There are times when it just plain-old makes perfect sense.

Like, when your husband decides that he wants to drive over 2000 miles in three days, like we did this past Sunday through Wednesday. And while you’re sitting there in the car, getting cramps in your back and coming down with a miserable sore throat and he says, “I know you have to pee, but can you make it another few hundred miles? Then we can stop for gas, food and a pee break all at the same time.”

And then, just when you think you can’t stand it anymore, you hear the ghastly  news… it’s snowing at your house.

And that’s when you think to yourself, “Yeah, everything happens for a reason.”

We could have been at home, stuck in the house (because everything in the southern town of Wilmington, North Carolina closes down if we get a frozen mud puddle, y’all) but instead? We were driving down to Key West, with the top off of our car, enjoying a temperature of 83 degrees as we sped past Miami.

Now that’s a what I call a everything happening for a  reason road trip!

This is a picture that we took while we were enjoying our brief evening in Key West. We wanted to take pictures of the sunset, but found out that Monday’s aren’t the best nights for viewing the sunsets because there are cruise ships in port until 6 pm.

However, we did get a few spectacular shots of the cruise ships leaving during the sunset. This was the Ryndam, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

This photo is for Weekend Reflections.

I was looking through some of my favorite photo blogs today and remembered  this photo meme that is open Friday through Sunday. It’s hosted by Newtown Area Photos. Newtown Area Photos features a photo a day of the beautiful area around Newtown, PA. Check it out to see lots of other beautiful, inspiring reflections.

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