The Red Stand for Ruby Tuesday

Well it’s Tuesday, y’all. Yesterday I wrote about how I like to take photos everywhere I go, with an eye out for something to use in one of the photo memes I like to participate in. Yesterday’s photo was a macro shot of my food in Key West that I took for Macro Monday. On the same trip to Florida last month, I snapped this photo with Ruby Tuesday in mind.

This red lifeguard stand was taken at the beach in Siesta Key, Florida. You can read more about the trip we took last month and how Siesta Key has always been on my bucket list here.

I managed to snap some extraordinary photos on the beach at sunset, which I will be sharing in a later post.

I’m submitting this photo for Ruby Tuesday.

For  Ruby Tuesday , you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I like the eclectic collection of pictures of anything red,  so I love to play.

rubyslippers-copy2And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.



7 thoughts on “The Red Stand for Ruby Tuesday

  1. The lifeguard “shack” looks so forlorn…


    A damsel who loved shades of red
    Discovered she’d been sore misled;
    She had no more rose,
    Nor blush for her nose—
    If she finds the thief, the guy’s dead!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Poinsettia and Fountain

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