Friday Fragments: Confusing Things

The topic at The Daily Post a couple of days ago was “What Confuses You About Life The Most?”

Listen, y’all, I can safely say that there are a lot of things that confuse me. (Yes, I am blond, too. Stop smirking.)

Take this picture, for instance. On the outside, it was a lovely, yellow lemon. One would have no clue that this black mess was lurking inside of it. What the hello is that? Did it float up out of the oil spilled Gulf or are we really using too many pesticides on our food?

All I know is – I sure ain’t putting a slice of that thang in my sweet tea.

One of the bloggers I follow, Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time, does this thing on Fridays called Friday Fragments. I’ve been wanting play since forever, so today’s post is a two-fer. (That’s two topics in one blog post, in case you’re, like me, blonde easily confused.)

I won the fabulous privilege of being on the front page of yesterday. It’s called Freshly Pressed. I’m so thrilled! I had over 1700 views and over 50 comments so far. I will never have the time to respond to all of them.

But? This confuses me, too, I admit. I know my post Going Home was touching, but I would have never thought it would garner so much attention. I’ve written funny posts (well, to me) and racy posts (again, to me) which I thought would have grabbed more interest. I guess I really have no clue what folks like to read. So? I’ll just keep writing whatever I can come up with each day about thoughtful subjects and see what happens.

Another thing that confuses me: When you go to a restaurant that has the seating capacity for over a hundred, in the middle of the week, at four o’clock in the afternoon, and there are three other customers already seated, why on earth would the hostess lead you over to the worst table in the house and make you sit all clustered up in the corner, with no view, at a table so tiny you can’t fit more than two plates, two water glasses and a bottle of ketchup on it?

This past week, we went to The Pit in Raleigh (which has been featured on Man vs Food, y’all!) and I really wanted to write a glowing review, but the aforementioned seating misfortune happened to us.

It kind of killed the whole “glowing” part.

Yes, I asked to be moved, and yes, they acted slightly put out. Why? It’s not like the restaurant was likely to be get filled up at that time of day. (It didn’t.)

We had been to The Pit one time before, and loved the food. Really, really loved it. But we couldn’t remember exactly where it was located. We figured – no problem! Not only did we have our trusty GPS, whom we have lovely nicknamed Bitch From Hell Kay, but we figured a place as infamous as The Pit from the travel channel would be known far and wide by everyone in Raleigh.


Not only had Kay never heard of it (she kept trying to route us to Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ) but the two folks we stopped and asked directions of had never heard of it, either!

It was very confusing.

So I did the most logical thing I could think of; I texted my best friend in Maryland, who I knew was on a bus on her way home from work at the time, (and who has never been to The Pit and probably never heard of it) and asked her to find the address on her smart phone for me.

Within five minutes, we had the address typed into the GPS and were on the way!

Speaking of things I did this past week, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the bathroom mirror, y’all. Doing one of the most confusing and embarrassing things a fifty-three year old woman can do.

I had to use my expensive old-lady concealer  to cover a Monster Zit.

This zit was so big, I almost called off from work. Seriously. It was the biggest zit ever in the entire history of the world. Even when I was thirteen years old and had the complexion of a can of Crisco and a huge crush on Bobby Sherman, I never had a zit this big!

Again, why?  There is just something wrong with having wrinkles, grey hair, a saggy chin, baggy  knees and acne at the same time. And please don’t tell me it is another symptom of menopause.( I already have the first thirty-four. Including permanent confusion occasional forgetfulness)

So that’s a recap on some things that have befuddled me this week. How about y’all? What has confused you lately?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fragments: Confusing Things

  1. You are so very funny and I am so glad I stopped by from Friday Fragments. I have a friend who lives in Raleigh and she just posted on face book from the pit where she was with her husband freshly home from Iraq. (that’s where he wanted to go). Small world; right? We are also the same age, well I’ll be 53 in a few days..ugghh. It is so true once you hit 50 parts really do fall apart. I had a seriously awful concussion last year too so the confusion part..damn..
    Have a powerful and positive weekend!

  2. i suspect the waitress put you out of veiw from would be diners,after all who wants to eat in a empty resturant,if people see you through the window,it might encourage them to come in for food and make work for the staff.
    just a thought.

  3. I had to have a five post online conversation with my journalism teacher recently over some weird misunderstanding about what she meant by ‘sections’ (ie sections in a newspaper). It turned into a whole breakdown and analysis of each of our previous posts. Why the whole thing happened is confusing.

  4. I wonder if you and I are the only ones who will still admit to having a crush on Bobby Sherman. When everyone else was crazy for David Cassidy – I was in love with Bobby. You know he’s an EMT in California now? I know … being the stalker that I am. Bwaa-ha-ha-ha!

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