You Never Know: Why I Always Have My Camera Ready

Today’s topic on the Daily Post challenge is to describe your best road trip. Last March, my husband and I bought a 2008 Victory Red Corvette, and since then we have been on several road trips. The most recent one was a four-day power drive in January –  to Key West and back.

I took a zillion pictures, but I’m taking a blogging break today. I’m just going to share a few candid shots I got of a complete stranger on the bridge somewhere between Craig Key and Duck Key.

This is why I always keep my camera ready in the car. ‘Cause you just never know what you might see out the window, y’all.

I’ve read that the proper etiquette when photographing strangers is to ask their permission. That’s not easy when you’re sitting in your car shooting them through the window. But This Guy noticed me snapping away through my zoom lens and waved. I took that to mean it was OK.

We had pulled off the road to take photos of the bridge when he passed by. Pretty soon we were back in the car and crossing the bridge ourselves.

I wonder where he was going with his little friend, don’t y’all?


4 thoughts on “You Never Know: Why I Always Have My Camera Ready

  1. I used to take my point-and-shoot everywhere in my purse. It’s not always so easy with a Nikon D90. However, if we go anywhere that isn’t work or running errands around town, I usually take it with me. I *definitely* take it with me to Cincinnati. 😉

    • If I lived down there, I would buy one of those bikes, too! It looked like a lot of fun. The purple outfit? I’d have to think about.

  2. Ginger: Safety is a major issue with bike riders. It is my philosophy to wear the most conspicuously outlandish outfit I can find. Reason: I want to avoid getting run over because a driver didn’t see me.

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