Azalea Festival In My City

I chose these images for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. To visit other cities, click on the button and link up with photos of your own town.

Goodness, gracious, it’s Sunday, y’all! Where does all the time go when you’re not blogging?  I have been playing hookey the past few weeks, but I’ve been snapping lots of photos. These are just a few I took at the annual Azalea Festival that is held here, in Wilmington, North Carolina every spring. It is a big southern-style party, complete with a parade, a street fair, fireworks, garden tours, a few celebrities and lots of pretty local girls dressed up like southern belles.

The whole thing is in celebration of the azalea, which blooms here in profusion, along with dogwood trees,

The parade always includes the marching cadets.

And a few colorful clowns. This one even had his poodle dyed to match the azaleas.

The local kids get in the act with lots of talent and loads of cuteness.

The azalea belles are in the parade…

And one of them appeared to be lost in the crowd.

10 thoughts on “Azalea Festival In My City

  1. The belles are a beautiful as the blooms.

    I too love grits and hush puppies after living in the Carolinas for 12 years – – – but I won’t fight you over your boiled peanuts!

  2. What a fun festival. LOVE the pretty blooming tree. Also adore the clown and the pink dog : ) How cute is that? And the pretty little girls in their costumes. It looks like you had a grand time!

    • Hi Grumpa! It’s always held in April, somewhere in the first week. It starts on the first Wednesday and runs through Sunday. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit! Everything is in bloom. Let me know if I can help with anything!

  3. There was an azalea festival in a town near me and it was the worst festival I had ever seen. It was so sad. The Azaleas weren’t even blooming! The festival you attended looks WONDERFUL!! Oh thank you for the lovely photos 🙂

    via SIMC

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