Our Rottweiler Love

This is our beautiful Hannah, who was a victim of hip dysplasia her entire life. On August 22nd of this year, we had the most difficult decision to make – to end her life. No longer able to walk,  no longer able to get to her water or food, we carried her into our vet’s office, laid her down on the floor and held her, until she drew her last trusting breath.

A proud, fierce (only in how much she loved), and loyal animal, she was part of our family and part of our hearts. She will be forever loved, forever remembered and forever missed.

This photo is for The Weekend in Black and White.

4 thoughts on “Our Rottweiler Love

  1. What a beautiful girl. Our daughter has two Rottweilers and they are wonderful friends/protectors for her kids. So sorry you had to lose Hannah. I know how excruciating those last moments are, the guilt that comes with it, and the pain afterwards, but you did the right thing for her. Beautiful photo!

  2. It’s been a while since I checked in. So sorry to hear about your Hannah, but oh what a wonderful dog mom she had! Some of the most wrenching moments of my life had to do with having to decide when it was time to let go. Thanksgiving marked the one year anniversary of the death of our pitbull-mix, Reese. In January, we adopted another shelter dog, Layla. It’s amazing how a dog can steal your heart, for they are indeed ALL heart and bring out the best in us. For that I am grateful.

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