My Favorite Place in the World in Sepia

IMG_6713 - Copy

Do you have a special place that you love, more than any other spot in the world?

Maybe you are like Dorothy in the Wiazard of Oz, and think that “there is no place like home.” Or maybe you are like me, and would rather be at the beach than any other place in the world.

Ever since I was a small girl, I have been visiting the beach in this photo – Wrightsville Beach, NC. I guess you could say it is just like home to me.

What do you feel when you look at this photo? Can  you smell the salty air and hear the birds calling? The wind gently ruffling your hair and the cool sand between your toes? Imagine you are standing near the shore, staring out over the ocean. Do you feel the majestic power in the great expanse of water, and marvel at the mystery? Many scholars think that the Atlantic Ocean, which cover one fifth of the world’s surface, was named after the lost city of Atlantis. Maybe it is the lost souls of Atlantis that tug at my heart and give me the desire to return to the sea.

Mary the Teach has another photo blog, besides Ruby Tuesday. It is called Sepia Scenes. Every Wednesday, she posts a picture in sepia, and invites everyone else to do the same. She also has a tutorial on her blog on how to produce good photos in sepia. I you are into photography, like I am, go on over and check it out.

Summer Stock Sunday


Nothing says “Summer” like a day at the beach, y’all. This picture was taken on the Fourth of July weekend at Wrightsville Beach, NC. We had fun taking random photos of people of all sizes, shapes and descriptions just relaxing and hanging out at the beach.

This is for a meme called Summer Stock Sunday. If you’d like to participate, post a picture of anything that says summer to you, and link back to Around the Island so that other folks can find you. Have fun with it, and take time to visit the other blogs to see what summer looks like all over the world.