He’s HERE!!!!

This week’s Spin Cycle topic was Thankful.  Who, or what we are thankful for. A few days ago, I wrote that my three sons are always what I am most thankful for. After that, I am thankful for my marriage to my second husband.

This past year I became a grandmother, which adds a whole new deminsion to  life. When it comes to being thankful, grand babies are in a whole other category, y’all.

Last Wednesday was especially poignant because it was my nine year wedding anniversary and that  morning, my oldest son called to tell me that his wife, who had been in the hospital with pre eclampsia for six days, was being induced .

We rushed to the hospital, sure that our anniversary was also going to be our grandson’s birthday. But I guess it was not meant to be. Even though Erika exhibited the strength and patience of a true heroine, the doctors made the painful decision late Thursday night to do a Ceasarian Section. And so, at 11:04 pm, on Thanksgiving Day, we had a Thanksgiving baby.

I know I’m coming in a bit late for the Spin Cycle, but I wanted to share this wonderful news.