People In My City

I love my city, Wilmington, North Carolina. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells and the people. Wilmington is a diverse city, made up of all kinds of people. It is a college town, a thriving port, a retirement relocation for many folks of the Northern persuasion, home to a large film studio (and the location of too many productions to mention), an historic southern city with roots going back to the Civil War, a popular travel destination, a beach lover’s paradise and a golfer’s dream.

I especially like taking candid shots around town of our people. Truly “candid” street images strive to capture something unique and inherently interesting about the subjects. I hope I have succeeded with these.

I chose these photos for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. I thought Wilmington NC should be included.

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I think the thrill of taking candid shots of people on the street is never knowing what I will capture. Some photos that I think are going to be great, are actually quite mundane, and others that are almost unintentional turn out to be spectacular.

I was actually annoyed when I took this photo because this woman was “in the way” of the shot I was trying to get of the riverboat. Now I think she is the most interesting element in the photo.

I was focusing on the shadows on the walkway, and this couple just happened to kiss – right when I snapped the shot.

I was zeroing in on the Capt. J. N. Maffit on the side of the boat, and had no idea how interesting these people were going to look.

This woman never looked up from her task of cleaning a boat, so the shot I got was, I thought, going to be a disappointment. Now I love the mystery of not seeing her face.

I was taking a photo of an historic home, when she appeared out of no where! I have no idea what the feather boa was for, but she looked as though she enjoyed wearing it.

I wanted a photo of the colorful door on this bar, and a man on his cell phone would not move away from it. Much more interesting with him in, don’t y’all agree?

I thought these women were beautiful, eating sushi in a downtown cafe. I had no idea if they would even be visible in the photo, since I was shooting into the glass.

This woman’s bright, red hair caught my eye.

I admit I paid absolutely no attention to what these people were doing. I was simply shooting the brick street. In this shot, the people became the background.

If I see someone in an interesting outfit, I have to take their picture. Check out the stockings on the girl on the right!

This guy fascinated me. The shorts, the shoes AND the tatoos match.

Sometimes when you think you’re taking a candid shot, you get caught! This fellow was a good sport about it.

I was aiming for the graffiti on the wall, but it became just an interesting background when this guy intruded into my shot.

While looking through my lens at the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, an animated conversation got my attention. Everybody down here knows that Southern women can’t talk without using their hands. Here’s the proof!

As a Wilmington native, I am so proud to show off my hometown. I love it so much that I have another blog called Wilmington Daily Photo. It keeps me busy posting a new photo of the Wilmington area every day. I hope y’all will check it out and see for yourselves why I think this place is so spectacular.