Signs in My City

I chose these images for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. To visit other cities, click on the button and link up with photos of your own town.

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Yesterday I wrote about the subject of home, and what my city means to me. Go on and read it, if you haven’t already. My love for my hometown city, Wilmington, North Carolina, is the reason I love to participate in The Unknown Mami’s Sunday in my City.

Every Sunday, folks from all over the world post photos of their cities, and I’ve seen some pretty decent photos, some pretty interesting ones, and learned a lot about different locations that I didn’t know. I hope that by posting photos of my city, y’all can get a flavor of what it’s like.

Today’s  slide show is a collection of some photos I took this year in and around downtown Wilmington. All of them have a sign of some kind or another in them. I like photographing signs wherever I go. I think they really showcase an area and give you a certain feel for its inhabitants.

A photography website that has taught me a lot (and it’s free!) is Digital Photography School. The subject of one of the tutorials was “Photographing Signs – Travel Photography Tip.” The author list several reasons why he likes to photograph signs when he is on trips.

He writes: “I set myself the task of photographing the ‘little things’ that we saw along the way. My hope was that in photographing ordinary, everyday aspects of the countries that we were traveling through that I’d capture the essence of the country.”

I hope my ordinary, everyday signs from around my city will give you an essence of what it’s like. I also hope I’ve inspired you to get out and capture a few “snaps” of your own.