Summer Stock Sunday #5 – Out Boating Around

Summer Stock Sunday JPEGThis is for a meme called Summer Stock Sunday. If you’d like to participate, post a picture of anything that says summer to you, and link back to Around the Island so that other folks can find you. Have fun with it, and take time to visit the other blogs to see what summer looks like all over the world.

As much as I’d like to write something witty, funny, informative or thought-provoking, I’m afraid any attempt I might make today would be, as my former boss and publisher of Wrightsville Beach Magazine once called my first piece, “drivel on a page.”

Since I am in the middle of a string of seven twelve hour days, slaving away over hot glass working at my glamorous job, I figure sharing a few pictures of all the fun we had this summer would be about the best I can do.  Besides, it helps to remind myself that I did get a nice break from work – kind of a glass half full type thing.

These are some pictures we took while out on a friend’s boat. I’ve decided we desperately need a boat, by the way. It combines all of my favorite things – sunbathing, swimming, taking photographs and drinking beer. How could anything be more “summery” than that, y’all?