Summer Stock Sunday #4

Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all. It’s called NaBloPoMo,and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month.

It’s ridiculously hard ….damn near impossible….a monumental task on the weekends..the biggest challenge of my life so far….can we just say only seven days left?…almost over and I have really, really run out of things to saybecome the bane of my existenceworse than I ever imagined it would be…forcing me to dig deep these last few days…*sigh* almost over.

Summer is almost over, too. Here are a few interesting shots that we took this summer at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I can’t take credit for this first one. My husband took it, standing waist deep in the surf. He was out there for a while that day, but his patience paid off.


I got this one while we were walking up on Johnny Mercer’s Pier. The girls were furiously texting enjoying an ice cream while I took photos. I thought this little sand piper was cuter than teenagers with cell phones growing out of their hands.


This photo has “Summertime” written all over it. Sandy toes and flip flops, what could be better?


Summer Stock Sunday JPEGThis is for a meme called Summer Stock Sunday. If you’d like to participate, post a picture of anything that says summer to you, and link back to Around the Island so that other folks can find you. Have fun with it, and take time to visit the other blogs to see what summer looks like all over the world.

Red Toes for Ruby Tuesday


Today’s photo is mainly to satisfy my husband’s “feetish”. That’s southern slang, around these parts, for “foot fetish.” Anyways, he took this photo on Christmas day of my toes, all dressed up for the holiday, in “Affair In Red Square” by OPI. Wearin’ fancy flip flops on Christmas Day! It really is a Wonderful Life, y’all.

This is for Ruby Tuesday , a photo sharing concept, or meme. Every Tuesday you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I liked the eclectic collection of pictures I saw over at  Work of the Poet, so I decided to play.

rubyslippers-copy2And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.

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