Six Words About My Adorable Grandson

There’s a new forum I’m posting in called Six Words Saturday. You post something about yourself or your life, or whatever is on your mind using only six words. Not only is this an interesting little concept, but it works out well for me, because I only have time to type about six words.

*Edited to cross out vampire words.

Woo-Hoo! I’m Babysitting Him Again Tonight!

The last time I participated in this forum, we had just had a baby shower. Well, here is the result we were waiting for! May I introduce my grandson, “Kole!”?

Now go post something in only six words! You know you want to, and you know you can find time!

A Thousand Words Thursday, Now and Then

This is my middle son, Ryan. He is about to become a Daddy, any day now. My first grandchild, y’all.



And speaking of babies, this was Ryan THEN….


They change, and yet, in a Mother’s heart, they remain the same. Worth a thousand words, I’d say.

atwtWhich just happens to be the rules of another photography meme called A Thousand Words Thursday. It is hosted by Jen, at Cheaper that Therapy. I think she’s on to something, myself. The idea behind this one is to post a picture that is worth a thousand words.Be sure and click on the link above, and add your photo to the list. Then have fun visiting all the other blogs and viewing what they think is worth a thousand words!