The Big Hurt

Today’s topic on The Daily Post is “What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?”

Right away, the wise folks at WordPress qualify this with a warning about venting about people in your life. They advise us not to give names or descriptions of people we’re venting about because they could read our blog and get angry.

Well, that kind of makes it impossible to do, y’all.

I would love to blog about what is driving me crazy, making me angry, making my eyelids twitch, causing me to wake up in the middle if the night and not get back to sleep, breaking my heart, worrying me to death and pretty much making me feel ignored, discarded, unappreciated and used.

But then, all you moms out there probably have already figured it out. There’s only one relationship in our life that has the capacity to hurt us this way, right?

This morning I find myself missing my grandmother, and wishing I could talk all of this over with her. Somehow, I know she would have the right words to say. I know she would have words of advise about why mothers have to endure hurts like this. She would give me hope by telling me a few stories of her own problem, and how they were resolved.

Or, maybe she would read to me one of her many poems. Like this one.


If I had a million bucks
Or thousands – just a few
I would never hesitate,
I’d divide it all with you.

If I won the Nobel Prize
And that I’ll never do
But, if it really came about
You’d be honored too.

If I had just one wish
And knew it would come true
I’d wish for health and happiness
And share it all with you.

Health and happiness – magic words.
Sometimes hard to find
Often when needing them,
They’re right there in our mind.

So many ifs in our lives
Only dreams, its true
But honest – if “ifs” happened
My thoughts would be of you.

My thoughts are with you today,  my special someone who is driving me crazy right now, and I would give anything to be able to talk to you. Since I can’t, I will dedicate Grandmama’s poem to you. Remember what she told you the last time you saw her?

“Just be good to one another.”

I will always love you, no matter what. You know who you are.