A Random Question. What Kind of God?


Keely, over at Unmom, does this thing.

You post Random Thoughts on Tuesday. That’s it.

The other night at work, I was humming. Yes, humming. To entertain my self while I was vacuuming. Yes, vacuuming. And no, I’m not a cleaning woman, although it sure does feel like it sometimes. I’m not vacuuming toenail clippings off of some cheap hotel carpet, y’all. I vacuum soot. And no, not the soot that comes out of your fireplace, the kind of soot I’m talking about is white and chalky and it gets all over everything.

Like my new black suede MBT shoes that I bought at the expensive shoe boutique for 230 bucks on sale because I heard they would make my feet stop hurting. And like my hair, which I carefully spike up before work every day, and yet by the end of the day I look like I’ve just climbed out of a vat of powdered sugar. And all over my pants, my clean coat and my safety glasses.

Anyway, back to the humming. Vacuuming, as y’all all know, is a pretty boring and solitary job, so to pass the time I usually hum whatever tune pops into my head. A lot of time I get short little spiritual ditties, called “choruses” floating around in there. In my former life, before I backslid and got divorced, I played the piano for a Pentecostal type church.

For twelve years, y’all. That’s a whole lot of little spiritual “choruses.”

So the other night, the tune I had stuck in there was one of our major choruses. Only about four lines long, we would frequently sing it to start the services off with. “Our God is a _____ God.”

That’s right. A _____God. Now looky here, y’all, I could not, for the life of me, remember the words. So I’m thinking to myself, “Now, Ginger, think. What in the Sam Hill kind of God is He, anyway?”

I came up with several possibilities.

I wanted to claim it was Thankful. But no, Our God is a Thankful God didn’t seem quite right. We should be thankful, not Him.

I ran through everything I could think of….I knew it was two syllables. Mighty? No. Loving? No. Truthful? No. Jealous? No. Frightful? Clearly, no.

As y’all can tell, it was really buggin’ me. I started to wonder how on earth I could have forgotten this. Was I that far gone into Backslidingdom that I couldn’t remember what kind of God we have? Or was menopause, or lack of sleep, or my love of mojitos to blame?

I walked around in a memory fogged daze for a while, cleaning soot out of my machine and starting it back up, all the while trying my best to remember.

Our God is a _____ God? I just couldn’t fill in the blank.

Finally, after who knows how long, I decided to go down the alphabet. Sadly, I find myself using this trick more and more to recall things like this. Like, peoples’ names. When you know you know the name, but you just can’t quite grasp it. Amanda, Betty, Carmen, Donna, etc.

Yeah. Getting old sucks.

So, I started doing the alphabet game. I was going to go down the alphabet and think of a two syllable word for every letter that describes God.

I’m happy to report it worked. A. My first word was Awesome. AWESOME! YES! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!

Now I’m humming. Now for the rest of the song!! Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns…..uh…..blankblankblank on High. Huh?

Oh well, at least I got the title. At least I still remember that God is awesome.

I’ll work on remembering the rest of the song later.

But if y’all ever hear me say I’ve forgotten the words to Amazing Grace? Well, just shoot me.