French Toast and Bacon for Macro Monday

OK, this picture is makin’ me hungry, y’all!

This was the breakfast of raisin bread french toast and bacon that I had last month in Key West. The place where we stayed, The Inn at Key West, has a little cafe that serves delicious food in an elegant-but-casual al fresco spot by the lushly tropical swimming pool. They also have a Tiki Bar right by the pool, which just happens to be the largest swimming pool in all of Key West!

If you are looking for a reasonable, but upscale place to stay in Key West, I highly recommend the Inn and the Cafe for breakfast. I found this little jewel by (how else?) doing a search on the internet. I used TripAdvisor to read what other real people like me thought of the place. I able to view real photos that real people have taken. As opposed to, you know, the glossy magazine quality ones that are displayed on every single website for every single hotel, restaurant or anything else you might want to buy for that matter. The Inn at Key West got very good reviews on TripAdvisor and, as usual, I was not disappointed.

Today’s topic on the Daily Post is “Can you live without the internet?”  In a word, no.

There are too many reasons to list. Besides the fact that I use it to make all my travel plans, including hotel reservations, car rentals and decisions on which restaurants to try; I also balance my checkbook, pay my bills, order Christmas and birthday gifts, print and manage photos,  stay in touch with family, spy on my kids, read the news, watch TV shows that I missed, order books for my Kindle and post pictures of my grandchildren until you all want to throw up in your mouths. The internet has become so much a part of my life that I actually go about my day thinking of, and making notes on my “To Do” list, what I want to look up and what I want to post. I’m also constantly look for opportunities to take photos that I know I will use later for various photo memes.

While I was sitting by the pool in Key West enjoying my french toast, I suddenly grabbed my camera out of my bag and started focusing on my food. My husband is accustomed to all of this by now. He sat silently observing me, while the expensive camera lens hovered dangerously close to the sticky syrup.

Finally, with a raised eyebrow, he said, “Macro Monday?”

If you love photography, you have probably already discovered the fun of taking macro photos. I do and I have. I really want to buy a fancy macro lens, but I’ve found that using my regular lens that came with the camera, I can still get some pretty decent shots.

Um, as long as I stay out of the syrup.

I’ve been so lazy about posting (before I started the Daily Post Challenge on January 1st) that I haven’t participated in Macro Monday since November 1st! However, as my husband will attest, I have taken lots of a bazillion  macro photos, so I will be all set for several every Mondays to come.

For Macro Monday, you take a close up picture that you think is blog-worthy, post it, and link back to Macro Monday so everyone can visit everyone! That’s southeren-eese for leave each other comments, if you know what’s good for ya.

Macro Monday Goes to the Golf Course

My husband gets a little “irked” with me, as we say down here in the South, every time we are getting ready to go play a round of golf.

First, I have to have  shoes to match my outfit. And a visor, naturally. I have to have nine thousand (or so) balls, because I have this uncanny ability to find the exact center of any body of water within shooting distance with my ball. I have to have my lipgloss in my pocket (because I’m Southern a girls gotta look good to play this game, y’all) and a magazine to read in the car on the way. I find it does absolutely nothing helps my game alot if I bone up on swing tips from Phil Nickelson in the Golf Digest before a round. A cooler with a few beers in it is another “must”, if only to ward off a deep depression and quit golf altogether to celebrate another successful round after the eighteenth hole.

And finally, I always insist on taking my camera. You never know what you might see out there! Why, a dern ole dragonfly might just decide to land on the end of your driver….

He was obviously posing  for Macro Monday.

For Macro Monday, you take a close up picture that you think is blog-worthy, post it, and link back to Macro Monday so everyone can visit everyone! (That’s southeren-eese for leave each other comments, if you know what’s good for ya.)

A Tour of Photo Forums, not Memes

spincyclesmallThis week’s Spin Cycle topic is “Memes.”

I’ve been participating in various photo memes forums, almost from the first weeks I discovered blogging. As my son Kyle said, it gives me a place to showcase the thousands of photos that I have.

(We’ve been informed by Spritetskeeper that these are not truly “memes.” Technically they are forums.)

One thing I’ve never really posted about it is the fact that my husband and I attempted to publish a small, community based magazine called Scene Magazine a few years ago. We were laid off at the time, it was my uncle’s business that he was trying to sell  so he could move to sunny Sarasota, Fla. and it seemed like a fun idea to take it over from him.

I’ve never had more fun in my life.

Scene Magazine gave me a creative outlet to write about something I love passionately – my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. It also introduced me to the fascinating world of photography. Our camera started going with us everywhere, as we were constantly on the lookout for a stunning shot that would become our next cover.

Reality set in eighteen months later, in the form of a bill from Cobra Ins. I realized then that if I wanted to keep some kind of health insurance I needed to get a real job.

This left me with a large collection of photos of the beautiful area that we live in, as well as an addiction to taking photos that did not go away. I was thrilled when I discovered  City Daily Photo, a website that encourages folks to publish a photo a day on their personal blog of their own cities all over the world. When I found out that Wilmington, NC was not yet on the list, I immediately started Wilmington Daily Photo.

I get a kick of knowing that my simple photos of Wilmington, NC are displayed on the City Daily Blog every day, alongside  exotic places like Drammen, Norway and Sophia, Bulgaria!

This photo is not only displayed on the my About Wilmington page, but is an actual cover shot that we used for one of our issues of Scene Magazine. It is a photo of the Wilmington waterfront, from the other side of the Cape Fear River.


I have since then become addicted to participating in all kinds of photo memes forums. Sometimes I post a photo on here (When Ginger snaps…) and sometimes on Wilmington Daily, depending on which blog I think the photo best fits.

This is a picture I posted for a meme called Macro Monday. This was posted on my Wilmington Daily Photo Blog.


I posted this picture, of myself in a gift shop at The Biltmore House in Asheville, on a  meme photo forum called Ruby Tuesday. It was my first entry for this meme. I really look forward to Ruby Tuesdays. I find myself looking for red items to photograph all week long!


This one was on a meme forum called Watery Wednesday. I called it Floating Downstream. We took this in Playa Del Carmen when we were on a cruise.


This is a photo of my step daughter, that I posted on the meme forum called I Heart Faces.


The majestic Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, posted on Wilmington Daily Photo, for a meme forum called Monochrome Weekly.

IMG_6359 - Copy

My little grand daughter, Freya, looking at my husband, her “Pop Pop.” Isn’t this just worth a thousand words? I chose this one for a meme forum called A Thousand Words Thursdays.


And last but not least, I can’t leave out Shadow Shot Sunday. This is a fun meme forum that has folks posting pictures of shadows, and the photos are always creative and interesting. This is one that I posted, of a couple overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in Kure Beach, NC.


I hope y’all will go and visit some of these photo forums and think about participating if you don’t already. And if anyone has any suggestions of any others that I haven’t discovered, then hey, comment me already!

K? Thanks!

Egret (Macro Monday)


This picture is for Macro Monday, a photo meme hosted by Lisa’s Chaos. It’s real easy to play, y’all. You take a close up picture that you think is blog-worthy, post it, and link back to Macro Monday so everyone can visit everyone! (That’s southeren-eese for leave each other comments, if you know what’s good for ya.)

This is an egret that was standing in our backyard, by our pond. Another close up that  husband took with his nifty zoom lens.

Macro Monday

Macro Monday