A Grandmother’s Confession

spincyclesmallThis week’s Spin Cycle topic is Parental confessions. We are supposed to confess something about parenthood that we don’t like. And it’s not supposed to be serious.


I have to be serious, y’all. I mean, we’re talkin’ about the most important job I’ve ever done – raising younguns’. So, I don’t know how to not be serious.

So here’s my confession. What I hated most about being a parent?


Yep. You heard me right. They grow. They grow up. They grow out. They grow away.

And one day, that precious little bundle that you were so overjoyed to welcome into your life….is a grown man with a precious bundle of his own.

IMG_0047 - Copy


That toddler that you are having to remind for the 100th time to brush his teeth….has a mortgage and a truck that needs tires.



That young boy that liked to play video games all night long is a physics major.

scan0018 - Copy


And you wonder – where did the time go? Why didn’t I savor every single second? Why didn’t I play that stupid game of Old Maids or Monopoly? Take the night off of work to go to the class play? Read the extra bedtime story? Help with the homework project? Go for more walks around the neighborhood? Bake more cookies? Take them to the library more often?

If you are reading this, and you have young children – cherish these moments. Even though you might be bone tired, and not feel like it, and just want to crawl into bed yourself – read the favorite story again. Play the second game. Sit down and watch the Disney movie with them. Because when they are gone, they’re gone.

If you are blessed with grandchildren, you have a chance to do these things again. Honestly, I think that’s why us grandparents are so damn mushy about our grand babies. It’s our second chance. And, Oh God, how we’ve waited for it.