Six Words Saturday

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I’m So Ready For Another Cruise

There’s a new forum I’m interested in¬†posting in called Six Words Saturday. You post something about yourself or your life, or whatever is on your mind using only six words. Not only is this an interesting little concept, but it works out well for me, because I only have time to type about six words.

I’m So Ready For Another Cruise

Plus I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the shorter a blog post is, the more likely folks are to read it and comment.

Yes, comment. I’m that shallow, y’all.

So here are my incredibly well thought-out six words. Are y’all ready?

I’m So Ready For Another Cruise

I am. Really.

And yes, I know it is Sunday right now. That’s because I’m working night shift and my Saturday started really late and before I could get it together it was Sunday already.

See?¬†I’m So Ready For Another Cruise