Road Tripping to the Keys in our Red Corvette

In yesterday’s post for the Daily Post challenge, I posted a few photos from our last road trip. Last March, my husband and I bought a 2008 Victory Red Corvette, and since then we have been to quite a few beautiful places. The most recent one was a four-day power drive in January –  to Key West and back.

My husband, a big Nascar fan, made the Darlington Speedway in South Carolina the first stop – to get a photo of it with the  Corvette.

The second stop was in Vero Beach, to spend the night with my mom, who recently bought a condo there.

The next morning, we were headed to The Keys. We stopped to gas up in Miami, and to remove the top of the car, to enjoy the 80 degree temperatures.

We thought we looked pretty sporty cruising down the Overseas Highway with the wind in our hair, y’all!

Of course, we just had to stop at another racetrack for a photo-op with the corvette. This is at the Homestead-Miami track.

The Overseas Highway was completed in 1938 and includes 42 bridges over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. They include the Seven Mile Bridge at Marathon Key which has been referred to as the Eigth Wonder of the World.

While I was getting photos of these amazing sights, my husband used the time wisely – to wipe off a few drops of rain that fell on his precious baby.

Most of the photos I get when we’re traveling are taken right out of the car window.  This one shows the view we had across the street from our hotel in Key West.

The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was to drive down to the southernmost point at the end of the famous Duval Street. The marker, actually built to resemble a buoy, stands at the furthest southern tip of Key West. The monument notes that Cuba is only 80 miles away.

Behind the car in this shot, is the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, at the southern end of Duval Street.

The next morning we drove over to the west coast of Florida, through part of the Everglades to Siesta Key,where we spent an enjoyable evening with my Uncle and Aunt at their unique Florida home.

We love taking road trips in our bright red car, y’all. The trip pictured here was especially memorable, because we were escaping a rare snowstorm on the east coast of North Carolina.

I’m submitting all of these photos  for Ruby Tuesday.

For  Ruby Tuesday , you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I like the eclectic collection of pictures of anything red,  so I love to play.

rubyslippers-copy2And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.

The Perfect Day

Day number 25 of this Daily Post  Challenge. It seems like it’s been longer than that, y’all.

Today’s topic suggestion is to write about your idea of a perfect Sunday. A few Sundays ago, my husband and I packed a few clothes,  got up early on Sunday morning and drove all day to Florida. The two of us love going on impromptu trips. The more spontaneous they are, the more we like them.

Last year we bought a bright red corvette. It was my husband’s dream car. He has always wanted one and we found an incredible bargain on Ebay. It has turned driving into an absolute joy for him, and we have added a lot of miles to this car in the ten months that we have owned it.

We have always wanted to drive down to Key West, but after we bought this car, we just had to, y’all. Here is a picture of my husband in front of the car at the Southernmost Point. We parked her there, and I jumped out with the camera for this shot. The whole time there was a cab driver screaming what the fuck, man? at us to move!

My best friend is my husband. He is always there for me – through the good times and the bad. He takes care of me in so many ways. Every night before he comes to bed, he makes sure the doors are locked, the lights are off, the cat is out and the dog is in, the coffee is made and the coffee pot is ready to be plugged in the next morning.

He does all the “man” jobs, from changing the oil in the car and cutting the grass –  to climbing up into the attic to get the Christmas decorations down. But he also does the laundry and carefully hangs up my delicate items. He knows how to make up the grocery list, and if need be, he buys the groceries. He does the dishes, every night. He sweeps and vacuums and dusts. He cooks  almost as well as I can, and for all the times he does the whole dinner, without much help from me – I would never complain.

Every day, and I do mean every day (or night) that we have to work, he prepares our food and packs our lunch box. He makes sure we have cold water and beer in our refrigerator. He rounds up and takes the trash out to the curb weekly. He organizes and hauls off our recyclables. He brings in the newspaper daily, at the crack of dawn.

He takes our dog for walks when it is freezing, or raining or I am just too tired to go. He puts food in her bowl twice a day. He  feeds my cat and lets her live is good to her, even though she has a nasty habit of trying to climb up on top of his car, and she has already left her claw mark on the back of it!

Every day in the winter, if there is ice on the car’s windshield, he is the one who gets out in the freezing temperatures to scrape it off.  He starts the car before I come out of the house – to make sure it is warm for me.

He never complains. He never asks me for help. If you ask him why he does all of these things, he says, “Because Ginger never has a headache.” “So Ginger doesn’t have to!”

He’s funny. His mission in life is to try to make everyone, but mostly me, laugh. His humor is sometimes impossible for me to get a little different from mine, but he never stops trying, and that is enough to make me smile. I posted this photo of him a couple of days ago, and it pretty much sums of what a kook he can be.

He tells me several times, every day, that I am beautiful, sexy, and that he loves me.

He accepts my family, and does whatever he can to help them too. My grandchildren, by my sons from my first marriage, are our grandchildren. He loves them as much, and worries about them as much, as I do.

And more important than all of  that, he listens to me. He shares things with me. He trusts me. We talk about everything and anything. We agreed a long time ago that there would be no secrets between us. We know each other so well that I don’t think it would be possible for either one of us to have one.

So my idea of a perfect Sunday? Going to Key West with my best friend is right up there at the top of my list. But really, spending the day with my wonderful man, doing anything or nothing,  is enough to make it a perfect day.

I’m submitting this photo for Ruby Tuesday.

For  Ruby Tuesday , you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I like the eclectic collection of pictures of anything red,  so I love to play.

rubyslippers-copy2And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.

I’m Still Here, Y’all

So where the hell is what’s been going on with Ginger, you might ask?

I’ve been hiding, y’all.

I sure haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Well, actually I have felt like blogging, I just haven’t been able to muster up the energy to get started on a post – much less finish one.

A few weeks months ago, my husband was having a midlife crisis. All he did for days on end a while was sit in front of the computer and drool over stare at photos of Corvettes. And sigh.

“Have I ever told you the story of how I always wanted a Corvette, all my entire life?” he’d say, giving me big ole boo boo eyes. “I’m not getting any younger and I think life is just passing me by.”

Well. As any southern woman knows, if the man in your life is having a crisis, it’s your fault somehow up to you to fix it.

We had some money saved up. We had planned to use it to add a dining room onto our house. This dining room was going to be where I would have a chance to redecorate serve many wonderful, home-cooked family meals to my children and my grandchildren.

Then, grandchild number one and her parents moved far, far away. My heart was broken, but I still had grandchild number two. Grandchild number two was my miracle baby, born premature on Thanksgiving Day last year.

But something, call it intuition, or ESP, or a nudge from God, told me that the dining room wasn’t as important as giving my husband his dream. So I sweetly agreed to talked him into taking the saved dining room money and buying his dream car.

It didn’t take long, y’all, and we were proud owners of a 2008 Victory Red Corvette, with all the bells and whistles.

True confession? I’ve always wanted one, too. But shhhh, don’t tell my husband, OK?

The very weekend that we brought her home, all excited with ourselves, my son and daughter-in-law came over for a visit with my miracle baby, Kole. For some reason, they didn’t seem very interested in our new car. They seemed, well, solemn.

I guess the news they had to tell us was a little too hard to break to us in person, so the next night I got a phone call from my son.

“I’m calling to tell you there’s a For Sale sign in our yard,” he said. “We’re moving to Seattle, Washington.”

Heartbroken doesn’t begin to describe how I felt, y’all. That night I cried myself to sleep after consuming an entire bottle of cheap wine a few drinks. The next morning, my whole head was swollen to the size of a pumpkin eyes would not open, so I called off of work.

It was my mid life crisis and I was going to wallow in it. And wallow I have done, in a grand southern style.

And while I was wallowing, stuff has happened – as stuff tends to do. We had a huge fire at the plant where I work.  We attended a funeral – my dear cousin’s – who was much too young to say goodbye. We took several road trips. We bought a new lens for my camera, which inspired me to take about a million and one pictures. We had my stepdaughter and her friend here for their spring break. (They loved the new corvette, by the way.)

And we have been spending as much time as we possibly can with Kole.

Then a funny thing happened. The weather got warmer. Kole started sleeping through the night. Life here in North Carolina didn’t seem so bad anymore. The “For Sale” sign came down. And as of right now – if my son can find a job – the move to Seattle has been tentatively put on the back burner.

Can I hear a “HALLELUJAH,” y’all?

With the warmer weather and the new car came a desire to hit the road, so this past week we drove up to far, far away land to see grandchild number one, my little sweetheart, my granddaughter. Can you believe she’s already a year old?

I’m so glad we went. The trip made me realize that they aren’t as far away as I had imagined. Sure, they aren’t around the corner, but it’s a doable drive for us. I can envision a few road trips a year.

My granddaughter is precious and beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. She has a delightful, sunny little personality and boundless energy. I can’t wait to see her again!

I might not ever have a big dining room table, but I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two precious grandchildren, and a shiny new red car.

I know I really need to pull my head out of my ass count my blessings and get back to blogging!

I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed y’all. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and catch up! What’s new in YOUR life?