We Are Family


I was going to post this for Wordless Wednesday, y’all. But then I decided I had to add a few words.

This is “Pop Pop Jeff” with his new love, Freya. From the expression on his face, you would never guess that she is not his real grand daughter. Her father is my son, from my first marriage. When Jeff and I got married, my son Ryan was already in his twenties, so it’s not like he and Jeff ever bonded as step dad and step son, exactly.

In fact, I would have to admit that there have been a few rocky patches between them. Let’s just say they have not always seen eye to eye. It has gotten better through the years. They still aren’t madly in love with each other, but this baby sure hasn’t done anything to make the situation worse.

Thank God that Jeff would never consider not loving my grandchild.

When Jeff and I got married, I was already in my forties, and unable to have any more children. I felt kind of bad for Jeff, because he only had a five year old daughter at the time, and I’m sure he would have loved to have another child. We got a puppy, and she became the child we take care of together. But in the back of my mind, I was hoping for the day that we would have grandchildren together. I figured it would be the next best thing.

And I was right.

I smile to myself whenever Jeff talks about how he and Freya have “already bonded.” Whenever he holds her, she just lights up. She studies his face as if she is trying to remember him from somewhere – and maybe she is.

I love the fact that he treats her like she belongs to him. I love the fact that she has brought our family full circle. I love the fact that my son has proven to be one of the most loving fathers either of us have ever seen. I love the fact that Jeff says Ryan reminds him of himself, when he first had Danielle.

I love the fact that a tiny baby can work miracles without even trying. She has turned both daddy and Pop Pop into quivering bowls of jello. She has made the two of them have something in common. She has made the two of us into grandparents.

We are no longer just “Ryan’s mom” and “Danielle’s dad.” We are no longer just “stepmom” and “stepdad.” We are Freya’s grandparents.

And that feels so good.

We also have another little miracle on the way. My oldest son, Kyle, is having a son. So Pop Pop and I will have one of each. Granddaughter. Grandson. Family.

Summer Stock Sunday #2 – Sharing a Boogie Board


For the last eight years, or so, “summertime” means “stepdaughter-time” to me. We get her the entire month of August every year. This year she is going to be 14, and tomorrow we are headed up to New York, where she lives, to get her. This year she has invited a friend down for our month of summer. So we will have our hands full, trying to keep up with two lively teenage girls for a month!

This is a picture from last summer that my husband took of she and I, in the ocean at Wrightsville Beach. We were trying to catch a wave on a boogie board. It’s kind of hard to do, when you are sharing one between two people.

Summer Stock Sunday JPEGThis is for a meme called Summer Stock Sunday. If you’d like to participate, post a picture of anything that says summer to you, and link back to Around the Island so that other folks can find you. Have fun with it, and take time to visit the other blogs to see what summer looks like all over the world.