Summer Stock Sunday


Nothing says “Summer” like a day at the beach, y’all. This picture was taken on the Fourth of July weekend at Wrightsville Beach, NC. We had fun taking random photos of people of all sizes, shapes and descriptions just relaxing and hanging out at the beach.

This is for a meme called Summer Stock Sunday. If you’d like to participate, post a picture of anything that says summer to you, and link back to Around the Island so that other folks can find you. Have fun with it, and take time to visit the other blogs to see what summer looks like all over the world.

A Thousand Words Thursday #2


So, I found another photography meme called A Thousand Words Thursday. It is hosted by Jen, at Cheaper that Therapy. I think she’s on to something, myself. The idea behind this one is to post a picture that is worth a thousand words. On Thursday. If it’s that easy, I’m all for it, y’all.

This is step daughter, on the left, and my niece. I just think there is something special about this picture, and it’s one of my all time favorites. Oh, the innocence of childhood!

Y’all can see lots of other folks photos, that are worth thousands of  words by visiting here. Be sure to leave lots of bloggy love!